The Winner Takes It All – Promo For A Function Band

Have you only just formed a new function band? Need to get the word out to potential clients?

1974, an Abba tribute band –  came to me asking if  I could make a promo for them.  They had a big live event coming up and having only recently formed they wanted me to put together a promo that showcased the band and conveyed the energy of their live sets, taking advantage of the upcoming gig as a prime platform to shoot a promo.

The bands budgetary constraints meant I was limited to one camera so I decided to make the promo round one track, using footage from the whole set to create a montage representing what a night seeing 1974 was like, as we wouldn’t be able to use a live soundtrack. Working closely with the client we cut a fun promo, topped and tailed with footage created using that height of 1970′s glamour, the mirrorball!

For many bands a promo is the right solution, too many use fuzzy amateur videos and poor pictures to sell their product. Apart from the improvement in picture and sound quality you get in a quality production, you’re hiring a professional storyteller – one who can look at your product whatever that may be and work with you  to deliver a great video that speaks to your audience, after all they’re the ones who matter!



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